Thank you St. James!

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So many people deserve gratitude and appreciation for making The First Tee night at Seaside on Wednesday such a big success! The money we raised will fund college and university scholarships for deserving youth in The First Tee. It will make a difference.

First, Mike’s Garage Band. It takes talent to get people out and up on their feet and MGB has talent in abundance. Thank you John Staryak, Chuck Krambuhl, Tony Defilippis, Dave Holly, Mike Horgan and Dave Reed. It was also great to have Mike Haase himself come out of “retirement” for a couple of songs!

Troon is such a great partner with The First Tee. Besides donating time and talent, General Manager Kent Silhanek surprised The First Tee with a $500 donation to kick off the show.

Thank you to the volunteers who made the event run so smoothly: Cindy Kirwan, Luanne Lunder, Susan Boyer, Cheryl Wilson, Annie Sharples, Holly Kasavana, Jackie Schumacher, Bertie Belvin, Valerie Shephard, Rob Kirwan, Mark Cuppernull, David Turner, Lee Miller and Marge Cusick. Thanks to the masterminds behind the whole event: Jim Belvin, Judy Cuppernull, Chuck Lusk, and Russ Yarrow.

Thanks to our two young golfers who are part of The First Tee and shared their stories: Curtis Williams and Cameryn Smith. It was Curtis’s first time speaking in public and he hit it straight down the fairway, long.

Most important, thank you to everyone who bought a ticket, came to the event, bid on auction and raffle items and stood up for the youth of Brunswick County. All of you are helping to build a stronger community in this wonderful place we have chosen to be our home!